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salut d’amour

salut /saly/ masculine noun

1. greeting;
~! hello!, hi!;
~ de la tête nod;

2. salute;

3. salvation.

– from wordreference.com

Thus, salut d’amour: not just love’s greeting, but the salvation that comes from love.


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connu sous le nom de (a.k.a.):
Les rêveries du promeneur solitaire sur le bord du printemps

What follows is not so much a translation as a transposition


It’s the end of Winter Break. Tomorrow, Spring Term begins even though spring time has not yet come. But it is the beginning of something new, nonetheless, and coming down from Minnesota to Ithaca, it does feel as if, not that spring has come, but that I have come to spring.

On the way back from the Commons after a serendipitous purchase, I forget I’m on a different bus, and end up in a corner of the school I have never seen before. And since I’m in no hurry, it being an hour before dinner, I decide to take a walk.


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The alliterated title of this post is not by me, but by the William Hung of the literary world (she’s so bad, she’s good!): Amanda McKittrick Ros, a writer so great, she counts J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis amongst her followers! Who cares if they read her works just so they can see who can do so for the longest without laughing? If you can’t be famous, be infamous; after all, it’s got more letters.

Here are a few quotes, and quotes about her quotes, as well as an expert diagnosis of her condition by Aldous Huxley:


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i sympathize with dr. suess

Here’s my very first French essay! We’re supposed to write a story based on 2 characters in our textbook, a certain pupil named Hamlet, and his teacher. We have to introduce both characters, introduce a conflict, resolve that conflict in a humorous/ironic/philosophical/political manner. And due to linguistic limitations, we can only use words and phrases that we’ve been taught. Here’s the result, followed by an English translation (with attempts to preserve as much of the French syntax as possible without sacrificing grammar): (more…)

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cummings and goings

Death.  Something wrong, brother?

Santa Claus.  Yes.

Death. Sick?

Santa Claus. Sick at heart.

Death. What seems to be the trouble? Come – speak out.

Santa Claus. I have so much to give; and nobody will take.

Death. My problem is also one of distribution,

only it happens to be the other way round.

from nonlecture six: i & am & santa claus, the last of e e cummings’ i-six nonlectures.

Was browsing in the library when the title caught my eye.

Hadn’t read cummings before, and was pleasantly surprised by his unconventional wit and wisdom, and was really surprised at the message of meaning and hope that he conveyed through his rather chaotic writings.

(Dare I liken him to Eliot? But I know too little of either to warrant comment.)

He ends of the series on six nonlectures (describe on the blurb as “an aesthetic self-portrait and a definition of Mr. Cummings’ ‘stance’ as a writer”) with an answer to the question, “who, as a writer, am I?”:

I am someone who proudly and humbly affirms that love is the mystery-of-myteries, and that nothing measurable matters “a very good God damn”:

that “an artist, a man, a failure” is no mere whenfully accreting mechanism, but a givingly eternal complexity

– neither some soulless and hearltess ultrapredatory infra-animal nor any un-understandingly knowing and believing and thinking automation, but a naturally and miraculously whole human being –

a feelingly illimitable individual; whose only happiness is to transcend himself, whose every agony is to grow.

Looking forward to nonreading the other 5 nonlectures.

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There are 2 kinds of NXs in the R-me.

The first is the End-Ex, which everyone loves. End of exercise.

The other is the annex…

Annexes are fine, as long as they stay within their limits. Annexes should at most go up till Annex X… why else would they be called NXs if they didn’t eNd at X ?

And I used to think annexes were fun to include. “For details, refer to Annex B” etc… makes a report sound professional, even if Annex B turns out to contain only one line, or one table…

But after 2 sundays of booking in early, 3 nights of staying in my office late (twice till 1.30am and once till 5 plus in the morning!!!) and a 5cm stack of waste paper, in order to produce a 20 page document with an Annex Z (! some of the annexes even have appendices!!!), 50+ slides and a stack of references thicker than the original document itself (annexes included), I have only one thing left to say.

I’ve got annex to grind…

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My england belly powder one,

But peepur say too chim,

So i lite dis singlish song

Like dose in Jack Neo flim.


I tly to ting of good idea,

I ting until head pain,

But got no idea come to me…

I ohmose gorhna fain!


My flen deyor say, “CMI!

Liddat is cannot one!

Pohyem must be one languhlage,

You cannot chiap-pa-lan!”


I noe my flens is not corright,

And so i lite dis song,

For orh my singahpolean flens

(Pai seh, my speowling long…)!

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