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carnation milk

Carnation Milk is the best in the land;
Here I sit with a can in my hand –
No tits to pull, no hay to pitch,
You just punch a hole in the son of a bitch!


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titbits, tessellated

this is what happens when you get a math major to arrange the new year goodies:


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food for thought

Thanks to the cafe on NLB’s 3rd floor closing on Mondays, we ended having lunch at food for thought, a quaint, cosy cafe with quality cuisine.

And it’s all done by young people!!, who believe that “Profit need not be at the centre. People and Principles ought to be.”

Their missions are to Support Clean Water, Feed Good Food (and boy, is it good!), Help End Poverty, Educate The People (they have a sister organization called school of thought) and Encourage Kind Acts. Refreshingly optimistic, idealistic and altruistic!

Just compare their posters (the ones with their missions) with those in Burger King, say, where customer is king, no, almighty ruler, and it’s all about Having it Your Way.

I’m impressed by what a bunch of committed young men and women are capable of…

So yeah. Go visit the site.

Or better still, visit the cafe!

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