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There are 2 kinds of NXs in the R-me.

The first is the End-Ex, which everyone loves. End of exercise.

The other is the annex…

Annexes are fine, as long as they stay within their limits. Annexes should at most go up till Annex X… why else would they be called NXs if they didn’t eNd at X ?

And I used to think annexes were fun to include. “For details, refer to Annex B” etc… makes a report sound professional, even if Annex B turns out to contain only one line, or one table…

But after 2 sundays of booking in early, 3 nights of staying in my office late (twice till 1.30am and once till 5 plus in the morning!!!) and a 5cm stack of waste paper, in order to produce a 20 page document with an Annex Z (! some of the annexes even have appendices!!!), 50+ slides and a stack of references thicker than the original document itself (annexes included), I have only one thing left to say.

I’ve got annex to grind…


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september robbery!

Ennesse is robbing my September.

I’m so busy standing in for people that I can’t take leave, end work late, start work early (on a SUNDAY!!!), and have to do some parade…

Actually, it wouldn’t be so bad… if not for the fact that SEPTEMBER HAS SO MANY BIRTHDAYS!!!

And I’m going to miss them…

So yeah. Blame the R-Me.

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December is a magical month. If you don’t agree, listen to George Winston’s “December” until you do…

There’s this change in mood…

“And the greatest wonder of them all
Is not what’s happening around you, it’s the way
You start to be
Yes the greatest wonder of them all is how your
Heart is filled with love
You start to light up like a Christmas tree

Feelings feel so wonderful
You have to let them show
Maybe that’s why ev’ryone begins to get a glow…”

(watch it on sesame street)

There’s the usual change of wind & weather, the Christmas cheer & celebrations, special birthdays & birthday’s of special people (happy birthday, ma!).

But this is a special december. This couple of weeks, despite the lack of school holidays, despite having to travel to the remotest part of the land & adjust to my new posting, and despite not being able to leave the country, have been simply great.

The whole comms package was great, and the new lifestyle that follows promises to be fun & fulfilling. The last of the package was last night’s comms ball, where I looked like


save for the red tie (mine was black) and white shirt (mine grey). Oh, and the face (mine looked marginally more human).

The ball would have been a bore, if not for the fact that most of us weren’t really concerned with what was happening on stage. The company was great, though. Would have been better if Maj Se7en was around. I thought the calendar & video were not bad. Some photos were really good, but I don’t think I’m allowed to release them here.

That aside, the culinary experiences in these past weeks were really one of a kind. First, the heavy-on-tradition dining-in at SAFTI, where we all sat uniformly in our dining attire at really long tables and attempted to remember which utensils to use for which dish. Then the truly FINE dining at the Cliff @ Sentosa, where the waitress gave a commentary on the dishes placed before us and my tastebuds were given a ride of their life (and it’s not because I tried to pronounce the dishes). And just this afternoon, a really green lunch at a rather niche vegetarian restaurant that sorta refreshed my palate (like when you press the F5 key). I’ve got 2 more BBQs to look forward to, and maybe there’ll be more great food around the Christmas & New Year periods!

And though I didn’t get to leave the country, Sentosa wasn’t a bad alternative. The Song of the Sea was a pleasant surprise; a visual spectacle with lots of great visual treats popping up like jack-in-a-box-es. It’s worth the admission fee, and you have to be there to appreciate it.

So yeah. It’s been a great december so far, and we’re only 2/3 of the way through. And most of the experiences above were not planned (at least not by me); they just seemed to happen. I’m hoping there’ll be lots more pleasant surprises for the rest of the year. And I don’t think I’ll be disappointed.

After all, December is magical.

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It’s a great feeling, throwing that peak cap in the air, channeling all the tension, nervousness and pressure of the past 2 hours are releasing it, letting it go, like a cork from a champagne bottle.

Definitely a great way to top off a great week. Got my sword, my $100 voucher, my wine glass, my scroll, photos, and those 2 precious golden bars. They really know how to make us feel good.

And of course, great family & friends to share the moments with.

Happy is an understatement.

And now I can (I hope) resuming posting. I notice I haven’t done so for almost a month. So many things to say & do, so little time (or rather, so little network speed… )

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ending the seemingly endless thirty-eight weeks

and heralding the start of another fifty weeks

and as many years

because our time starts now

and doesn’t end till we’re close to fifty

and even then

it doesn’t end

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What can you do in 16 days?

A) fill hundreds of sacks of sand

B) blow things up

C) dig

D) struggle to stay awake at 2am in the moonlight

E) struggle to go to sleep at 3am in the freezing cold after succeeding with D

F) struggle to move your body at 5am after succeeding with E

G) dig (again)

H) climb a hill with 35kg on my back in the middle of the night

I) slide down the other side of the hill

J) climb back up the hill alone with a dying torch (but without the 35 kilos)

H) blow more things up

I) struggle to keep awake at 2am in the moonlight, this time while trying to walk straight as well

J) fail to do I, resulting in a highly erratic walk

K) walk back and forth across river 6 times

L) walk with a radio transceiver & a very long antenna

M) run with a radio transceiver & a very long antenna

N) do L over and over again

O) do M once more at night

P) nurse throbbing feet

Q) pig out on chips and ice-cream

R) nurse sore throat

S) suppress fever

T) watch other ppl eat while I do R

U) watch English movies dubbed in non-English without subtitles

V) sleep, failing to do U
W) try to defecate after 3 days of not doing so
X) fail to do W

Y) realize that there’s a frog staring up at you from the toilet bowl

Z) rejoice that I failed to do W

And then it’s back to Singapore!

(I could probably write more, but I’ve run out of letters…)

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leaving on a jet plane

I type this from the free internet counter at the airport.

The airport; confluence of cultures. Herge wanted to set an entire Tintin comic book in the airport. The result was the rather queer Flight 714.

Right now, 60 men in black are flooding the gates and the check-in counters. So much for taking a commercial flight instead of a chartered one.

Not much time left. Gonna spend the last few minutes in Singapore watching the world revolving round this airport.


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