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Accepting Love

We ask for unconditional love, we ask for acceptance, we ask for grace. And yet, such is the human psyche, the human sickness, the human sin, that when we are given what we demand, given what we do not and never will deserve, we fail to comprehend that such love exists, let alone that it has been accorded us.

In our smallness and wretchedness, incapable of understanding a lover, a giver so large, who gives expecting nothing in return, in our narrowmindedness, instead of giving thanks for such a wondrous gift bestowed, instead of accepting it with no strings attached, buoyant, free and soaring, we attach our own strings and tie to them our own feeble attempts at reciprocation, our own little sacrifices and observances, our own imagined prerequisites to accept such a love given, to weigh it down, and bring the heavenly down to our lowly earth, down to the only level our base minds can comprehend.

We demean the gift, and insult the giver, who expects nothing in return, in our attempts at repaying the gift with our deluded, misguided sacrifices, our self-imposed chains and fetters, our self-inflicted sufferances which we dare call our love.

Unless we accept love, we cannot love.


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