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come by the hills

Come by the hills to the land where life is a song,
And sing while the birds fill the air with their joy all day long;
Where the trees sway in time, and even the wind sings in tune,
And the cares of tomorrow must wait till this day is done.


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Heard this on “Hardcore History” this morning:

“Karl Marx, the famous… uh… Marxist…”


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From The Filter:

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darwin & facebook

From bioephemera:

[W]ith Facebook-like fanaticism, [Darwin] maintained a correspondence with some 2,000 friends, including 200 clergymen.

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week 1

So, my first week at Fusionopolis is over. It’s been a rather short week! Enjoying every bit of it, and can’t wait to go back!

A few highlights:

1) The people there are very friendly, esp the 1st-yr attachment gang and the young PhDs. (Haven’t actually seen any old PhDs, so can’t comment on them…). Really enjoyed talking to ST, SL and V. Hoping to meet up with them for lunch or just to chat next week.

2) Speaking of lunch, I’ve managed to AVOID EATING ALONE for the entire week! Which, I must say, is no mean feat! In fact, I think J and Z had been eating alone all along until I asked them out for lunch. So far, I haven’t eaten with the same group of people twice 🙂

3) I haven’t eaten at the same PLACE twice either! There’re so many good places to eat, with free transport via shuttle bus! Holland V, Biopolis, JTC and of course, Fusionopolis itself. Lots of food I haven’t tried tho… Looking forward to having lunch at NUS! Quite a few ppl I can meet there…

4) And I haven’t even mentioned my WORK yet. Which isn’t really work… Cos i’m just sitting at my desk reading C++ & cryptography and playing around with code…. which is my idea of a playground… ST and SL gave me quite a few pdfs to read!Quite mathematical too! A very good introduction to topics like groups, fields, rings, matrices, lattices and elliptic curves! Not to mention, number theory!

5) And when I feel I’ve sat down long enough at the desk, there’s FREE coffee, tea & milo in the pantry, which has an AWESOME view! (I’m on the 19th floor) Can see all the way to the port, overlooking NUS, ITE, ACS… the only other high rise nearby is the Singtel building, which is quite far away…

Yeah, so… It’s been a great week! Looking forward to my next ~15 weeks there! My daily log is under the fold.workstation


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proof on the screen

I had no idea that David Auburn’s play, “Proof”, which I wrote about a while back, was made into a movie in 2005.

The movie script apparently follows the play quite closely. Which is good, because this means some of the best lines in the play are available on IMDB. 🙂

Gotta find out where I can get this movie… don’t think it opened in cinemas here… seems kinda non-mainstream.

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The bird has taken to the air!!!

So many things I wanna do! Better list them out (O.O Did i just say “list them out”?? Ah! I mean, “list them down”… better start revising my phrasal verbs):


  1. C++
  2. LaTex
  3. Cryptography
  4. Number Theory
  5. Economics
  6. Mathematics of Finance
  7. Tai Chi


  1. Cryptogram solver
  2. Sudoku solver, implementing my method
  3. Sudoku solver, implementing Knuth’s Algorithm X
  4. Generalised sudoku solver (any M x N grid)
  5. C++ Implementation of the RSA Algorithm

Other targets

  1. Touch my toes (you know what I mean… don’t tell me, “But you can touch your toes what… if you bend your knees”)
  2. Stop slouching/ hunching
  3. Finish reading “Bleak House”and “Foucault’s Pendulum”
  4. Attempt “Ulysses” (both Homer’s and Joyce’s)
  5. Reread Lewis, Chesterton, H.A. Williams, Herbert, Hopkins and Eliot, and find more of their like.

Will add more to the list as time goes by. Hope to start striking out some soon 🙂

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