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the X-possesor’s tale

You ask why I can’t stand my ex-fiance?
He’s madly obsessed with – guess what? DNA!
He’s always turned on by that nucleic acid,
But everything else leaves him soggily flaccid!

I’m fine with him spending his days at the lab,
Indulging in macromolecular drab,
Taking his centrifuge out for a spin,
Observing the Meselson-Stahl with a grin,

Engaging in blottings of all orientations,
Electrophoresing PCR preparations,
Betting on base-pairs in agarose gel,
All goggled and gloved in his lab-coated hell!

You’d think back at home he’d talk something besides,
But NO! He just raves ’bout his dear nucleotides!
I’m a tolerant girl, I can stand every flaw,
Except for this last one, this final last straw:

When asked about kids, he said, “Kids? Four’s sublime!
We’ll name them Guan, Aden and Cytos and Thym!”
Which isn’t so bad, really. Would’ve been fine,
If only his stupid last name wasn’t Ine!


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