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that’s who i’ll be!

PIGGY : Denise

Lyrics: (more…)


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that’s what i’d name my meditation site, if i had one…

(the online version of winnie-the-pooh’s Thougthful Spot)

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what do you do…

when you NEED to sneeze while the dentist is drilling your teeth?

I dunno, but here’re some options:

1) Don’t worry. It’ll never happen. Hopefully.

2) Be really good at charades so you can signal your urge to the dentist.

3) (…and hopefully the dentist will react in time…)

4) Don’t worry: the dentist will forgive your strained attempts at sneezing. People do worse things when under the drill.

Chew on it =p !

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I cannot think that God would be content
To view unmoved the toiling and the strain,
The groaning of the ages, sick and spent,
The whole creation travailing in pain.

The suffering God is no vast cosmic force,
That by some blind, unthinking, loveless power
Keeps stars and atoms swinging in their course,
And reckons naught of men in this grim hour.

Nor is the suffering God a fair ideal
Engendered in the questioning hearts of men,
A figment of the mind to help me steel
My soul to rude realities I ken.

God suffers with a love that cleanses dross;
A God like that, I see upon a cross.

Georgia Harkness

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Turns out that the words “fluorine poem” top the list of search terms that lead to my blog.

Which is misleading, because, up till now, there hasn’t been any poem on fluorine anywhere on this blog.

Poems are aplenty, but the only mention of Fluorine in this whole site is in my blogroll, where I have a few links under the heading “Sulfur Trioxide Fluorine”.

Funny. No one seems to want poems about sulfur or trioxides. Only fluorine.

Anyway, since there seems to be a demand for poems about fluorine, I’ve churned out a short little elemental ditty, dedicated to all you fluorine-loving rhymesters out there…

My name is Fluorine, from fluorum, “to flow”,

My symbol is F, and 2 is my row,

I’m in group number 7, atomic number, 9,

And my weight is 3 more than a fifth of Bromine.

My brothers in crime are the halogen gang,

When we’re not making salt, we’re making a bang!

My bros are reactive, I’m even more so,

I can burn hydrocarbons at temperatures low!

Did I mention my race? I’m a yellowy-brown,

And when I react, my oxidation number goes down.

Alone as a gas, I’m a poison; but don’t worry:

My electrons are usually shared in a hurry

With hydrogen, carbon and plain water, too,

And metals and even the noble gas crew.

You can find me in acid, in toothpaste, in salts,

But mostly, I’m doing the CFC waltz. 😛

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When we cry

It’s a sign, that it’s not all okay,

And though I may smile,

Deep down inside,

It’s not bright and gay.


As each petal is weighed down

By morning dew,

These tears,

They weigh down my heart

And bend it towards you.


We say goodbye

To the morning,

Farewell to our youth,

Time passes, things change,

There’s no use mourning.


But what I know

I do not do,

And the tears keep rolling

For you,

For you,

For you.

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