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sad story

Good Math, Bad Math had an entry recently, titled, “Teaching Multiplication: Is it repeated addition?”.

There ensued a lively discussion on math fundamentals and pedagogy, where the usual points were brought up.

But what really caught my attention was an anonymous, autobiographical account of a PhD’s struggle with mathematics.

Reproduced here: (more…)


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Wear Suncreen

My father heard this on Class95 this morning, came back, and found it on Youtube. I’m putting it here so I won’t forget.

Based on a Chicago Tribune column by Mary Schmich: (more…)

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15min Poem

Feelings…Oh! The wretched things,
They mess one’s fragile heart.
They flit and fly, they pull and tug,
They threaten to tear apart.

“Oh rein them in! Oh tame them now!”
One’s sensib’lities shout,
“One thing you must remember:
You must never let them out!”

In vain! In vain! They will not die!
They will not disappear!
In recesses of the heart they grow,
Love, Joy, Pain and Fear.

-end of poem-

Rather proud of it… It just flowed out in the time it takes to shower.

Inspiration never rains… it pours…

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What are the gifts of biblical faith to the secular university?

Education can receive from the Bible a faith concerning man far more realistic than the naive faith by which education has tried to live.

Not man as “pure reason”: his reason is not pure.

Not man as incipient angel: he can turn any structure… to good or to demonic purpose.

Not man with his steps on the highroad called evolution: he is relatively free and, therefore, can and does wreck any evolution unless some Grace constantly renews his onward journey.

Not man who by his science is sure to fashion a “brave new world”; by science he can destroy the world.

Not man as centrally and characteristically a reasonable creature who needs only that his mind shall be educated to build a reasonable world.

Not man regarded in any naive faith, but man as potentially divine and potentially unworthy, who stands always in need of help from beyond the confines of the natural order.

If education confronts this faith, education will know that the mind’s adventure also, like all things human, stands in need of redemption; and it can then proceed with lowliness, and thus with the power and light which are the reward of the lowly.

George A. Buttrick, “Biblical Thought and the Secular University

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