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It’s Christmas already?!!

Well, not quite, but everyone’s starting to get into the holiday mood, and meanwhile, I’m still thinking that I’m in the middle of the year…

The main reason, I think, is that for the past 12 years of my life, which is a good 2/3 of my years on earth so far, the year had been divided neatly into 4 blocks of 10 weeks each, punctuated by the major month-long and week-long holidays and the exam fever periods. One can’t help noticing the transition from one quarter to another, because there would be a drastic change of lifestyle (the school holidays) in between. And for 12 years, it’s been slowly drilled into my subconscious that unless the holidays start, Christmas can’t begin.

Yet, within these past 10 months, that entire framework, which has been with me since I was conscious of my consciousness, has been removed, so that I’m now somewhat dis-chronoriented… losing my sense of time. It’s something I’ll have to get used to, though. Adults don’t have school holidays…

But that’s just as well… 34 weeks of being a cadet have passed, and I must admit that it’s been much faster than I imagined. It reminds me of something I read on the cover of a friend’s journal:

“The days will be long, but the weeks, quick, and the months, quicker.”


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killing on flight

A few word puzzles that helped kill time on the plane:

1) Think of a word that starts and ends with the letters “he” (no, it’s not “he” or “hehe”)

2) Think of a 5-letter word whose letters can be rearranged to form 4 other words (making a total of 5 words), with each of the 5 letters being a first letter of one of the 5 words

3) Think of a word that contains the string “adac”

4) Form as many words as you can with the letters: E,O,C,E,K,R,E,R,T

* * *

1) and 3) are from Douglas Hofstadter’s “Godel, Escher, Bach”, and are related.

2) was passed down by word of mouth

4) is from the newspaper on the plane

answers in subsequent posts, if they don’t appear in the comments first

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What can you do in 16 days?

A) fill hundreds of sacks of sand

B) blow things up

C) dig

D) struggle to stay awake at 2am in the moonlight

E) struggle to go to sleep at 3am in the freezing cold after succeeding with D

F) struggle to move your body at 5am after succeeding with E

G) dig (again)

H) climb a hill with 35kg on my back in the middle of the night

I) slide down the other side of the hill

J) climb back up the hill alone with a dying torch (but without the 35 kilos)

H) blow more things up

I) struggle to keep awake at 2am in the moonlight, this time while trying to walk straight as well

J) fail to do I, resulting in a highly erratic walk

K) walk back and forth across river 6 times

L) walk with a radio transceiver & a very long antenna

M) run with a radio transceiver & a very long antenna

N) do L over and over again

O) do M once more at night

P) nurse throbbing feet

Q) pig out on chips and ice-cream

R) nurse sore throat

S) suppress fever

T) watch other ppl eat while I do R

U) watch English movies dubbed in non-English without subtitles

V) sleep, failing to do U
W) try to defecate after 3 days of not doing so
X) fail to do W

Y) realize that there’s a frog staring up at you from the toilet bowl

Z) rejoice that I failed to do W

And then it’s back to Singapore!

(I could probably write more, but I’ve run out of letters…)

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