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leaving on a jet plane

I type this from the free internet counter at the airport.

The airport; confluence of cultures. Herge wanted to set an entire Tintin comic book in the airport. The result was the rather queer Flight 714.

Right now, 60 men in black are flooding the gates and the check-in counters. So much for taking a commercial flight instead of a chartered one.

Not much time left. Gonna spend the last few minutes in Singapore watching the world revolving round this airport.



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crescere, crescere

To grow.

But to grow is to feel pain…

Two weeks in the land of a thousand smiles, then it’ll be over. Two weeks of seeking, striving, excelling; of advancing and overcoming. Two weeks of bringing to play all that we’ve learned, or failed to learn, over the past four months. Two weeks of testing the bonds that were forged through fifteen weeks of sweat and uncertainty.

Two weeks.

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Opening Theme

An ideal piece to start off this site:

Smetna’s Moldau

My hair stood and swayed to the music…

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blessed is the man…

e-cards from across the globe, SMSes from family & friends, the gift of music, not to mention other wonderful gifts as well… what more could a man want?

the gift of music

a million thanks for all the wishes and greetings!

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I won’t forget…



2 gifts,

One with a story to tell,

The other which promises many stories to come.


And a blessing:

“Life’s a trip, son –

Hope you always enjoy the ride…

…and you never forget the way home.”


Thanks to the ones, and to the One, who gave me the gift of this very life.


I won’t forget.



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the first trickle

Thou in thy narrow banks art pent:
The stream I love unbounded goes
Through flood and sea and firmament;
Through light, through life, it forward flows.

I see the inundation sweet,
I hear the spending of the steam
Through years, through men, through Nature fleet,
Through love and thought, through power and dream.

Two Rivers, R.W. Emerson

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